The Sofa Ski School Story

The idea for making my own instructional ski DVD came up when I realized that in most of my private lessons I had to deal with the same main ski mistakes people tended to make and that were often the root for other minor mistakes to develop. By trial and error I developed lessons that proved to work best to fix these ‘bad habits’ in an easy to understand and effective way.

With the possibilities of the DVD format I found a way to connect the ski mistakes with the related lessons, so that the viewer could identify where he had the biggest potential for improvement and was led directly to the lesson that would help him work on that. The concept of an interactive application that would not waste time with lessons on things the skier had already mastered, but allow him to focus on the main things he was not doing right.

"A skier that is able to ski a blue run safely is usually doing 75 percent right. It is the 25 percent that he is not doing right that get him in trouble on the blacks and once identified and fixed will make a real difference in his skiing."

In spring 2007 I hired a cameraman and filmed the footage which I then edited to the final production. To draw attention to my no-budget production I uploaded a carving lesson on YouTube in October 2007. By the end of March 2008 the Sofa Ski School carving lesson had over 100.000 hits and became YouTube’s most popular ski instructional clip.

In spring 2008 I decided to sign with VAS Entertainment the world’s largest sports movie distributor to reach a wider audience. The DVD “From Blue to Black Diamond” was released in 2008 and quickly became one of the best selling ski instructional DVDs on the market. Today Sofa Ski School BTB has sold over 16.000 times world wide and the Carving Ski Lesson on YouTube is still the most viewed ski instructional clip online and has reached over 3,3 million hits.

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