FAQ Personal Ski Analysis

1. How can I send you my ski clips?

You can easily send me your ski clips through www.sofaskischool.wetransfer.com

2. How do I get my Personal Video Analysis?

Once I am done with the editing (1-2 weeks) you will be able to download your analysis. The Written Analysis and the How to Improve Plan will be sent to you by email.

3. Do the clips need to have a certain quality or format?

No. The clips do not have to be of great quality. Smart phone, Camcorder,.. are ideal. If you only have GoPro footage then please try to include at least one run where you ski towards the camera.

4. What should I consider when I have myself filmed?

In general it is best if you are skiing safely and under control towards the camera. Make sure that the cameraman is positioned in a safe spot! You can send a variety of clips, skiing on various terrain and turn radii or more footage of one specific discipline.

5. How much footage do you need

Ideally I would need a minimum of 2-3 runs but you can send more if you want. I will pick the best scenes and custom tailor my analysis to you your wishes.

6. Can i choose not to have my analysis published?

Yes. If you would rather not have your analysis shared with anyone else then please email me. Prices are $159 for the full analysis and $99 for the short one. Also in this case the copyright for the analysis clip will stay with Sofa Ski School but I won't publish your analysis in my member area, YouTube or elsewhere.

7. If i purchase the analysis does it mean that my clips will be published on social media?

Not necessarily, but it could be that i chose to use your analysis for further Sofa Ski School publications, on social media or in the Sofa Ski School member area. You will always get free access to all materials that include clips of yourself ski. Allowing me to use your clip will increase the chance to get more work done on your clip. I will not show close ups or mention your full name of course. 

8. Why should I have my skiing analysed?

By getting a ski analysis done you will get a precise idea of what you want to be looking for in your skiing. You will get simple individual reminders of things that you want to avoid and things you want to do and how you can check yourself when on snow. Instead of guessing how you could get more out of your turns you will know what you should do differently and how it should look like. You can visualize these things as often as you want at home, before you go skiing or on your mobile device on snow. All ski analyses will be done by Klaus Mair.

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