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Based on the analysis you sent me, I spent this past weekend working on weighting the outside ski on my turn to the left more, which I am happy to say quickly helped. The video analysis is very, very helpful and I look forward to eliminating the stem in my turns, which I had no clear idea that i did. I have watched the instruction video several times and take the summary cards with me each day that I ski so that I can review them over lunch. Thank you for your very well thought out and helpfull analysis! The slow motion analysis of me was an eye opener, indeed!

Steve R. / Portland, Oregon

Hi Klaus, I thought I’d take a little time to give you some feedback. Thank you very much for getting your analysis through to us before we went to Grindelwald. We did get to watch the videos you sent before we departed and we took a laptop with us so we could refer to it whilst we were on holiday and it proved most helpful. We will continue to look at your DVDs and analysis videos every time we go skiing just to remind us of the ‘basics’ and what we should be trying to improve on. All in all your tuition on the DVDs and your analysis has brought our skiing technique on ‘in leaps and bounds’ since we have started watching them and for this we would like to thank you. Keep up the good work!

All the best, Carl / United Kingdom


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