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10.05.17 14:15

Ski Fitness - Part 2

In this article and video I focus a little more on the different aspects of ski fitness and what I have found myself doing more and more for myself and with my clients in the last seasons.



Let's assume that we have about 3 months before we participate in a ski improvement camp where we want to be in great shape for skiing.


The four most important ski fitness areas are:


General Fitness, Core Strength, Glutes/Leg Strength + Knee Stability, Mobility and Flexibility


I would recommend including all four areas in your training. Depending on what and how much you do anyway and where you might have individual deficits you could focus more or less on single areas. At all times try to include coordination and balance to your routine.


I would recommend to start with a minimum of 3 times 45 minutes per week.


Not knowing how fit or unfit you are here are some general thoughts and below some links with ideas for your training which you could use and adapt to your own needs:


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