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Monday, 17-10-16 15:39

I bought from Blue to Black a few years ago which I found to be the best skiing instruction I had ever watched so when I realised you from Blue to Powder out there was only one thing to do and that was to order a copy.

The instruction helped me no end last year and whilst I love the skiing I get to do, last year, well I really felt like I made a jump forwards with a lot less energy being used to ski and also feeling the flow of body and ski's moving together.

So from me to you, thank you for the help you give and being the marvellous instructor that you are.

With very best wishes.



Tim from London, UK

Friday, 07-10-16 00:43

'Less is More' - Actually, in this DVD, 'Blue to Powder' by just hammering home Klaus's few fundamentals, less is so MUCH MORE !

Dear Klaus.
I hope my title says it all...
Your DVD delivers the fundamental backbone to the highest dynamic skiing imaginable to on piste skiing and beyond. I'm amazed how just a few simple drills and clear explanations have changed my skiing in an indoor dome. After a few visits and about 12 hours of practice plus watching the DVD Blue/Red Initiation and Control about 10 times (and only those - i so needed a new beginning !), i'm skiing with more precision, stability, speed and just as importantly, much less speed to with cm accuracy etc. I'm feeling better coordinated and increasingly, all of me is in harmonious sync. I'm flabbergasted how much more time i seem to have and how solid i feel, even in the variable, rucked up and lumpy indoor snow.
Klaus, your tutoring is ' Simply Out-Standing ' ( is that a little skiing joke i've made? ) Thank You...
ps. to anyone that listens, i will of course say, i got it all from Sofa Ski School.


Vince from Melbourne, Australia

Saturday, 17-09-16 10:39

Hello Klaus,
An owner of Sofa Ski School Blue to Black and Blue to Powder DVDs. I have posted twice before and this time I want to share how the DVDs helped my partner's learner lessons progress along quicker. Klaus's logical and straightforward explanations helped reassure her confidence and gave her more enjoyment from the beginner lessons. So again Klaus, the Sofa Ski School DVDs have helped me refresh my abilities and provide instructional support to new skiers. Well done Klaus and great continued success.


yuval from israel

Saturday, 19-03-16 05:07

I purchase the 2 dvd, it really make me
very big change in my ski.
it is really one of the best in the net.
i also see in u tube video from lito tejada
i think together with this dvd is perfect quick
study and understanding in the net.
thank you



Thursday, 10-03-16 17:53

Thank you Klaus for making me discover really what is skiing.
Took little time skiing, but your videos and your exercises of "Blue to Powder" are fantastic and easy to understand, I try to practice the maximum possible time and enjoy, you have as wallpaper on my pc to motivate me and best skiing day.


James Williams from Columbus Ohio

Thursday, 18-02-16 20:04

Great service from Klaus; my DVD's got lost in the mail and Klaus sent me another set which I received OK. I am an excellent skier and use the videos to refresh my skills and technique. Great info.



Wednesday, 17-02-16 16:26

Hi Klaus, I have to thank you a big time! This Saturday I've returned from a week in Mayrhofen. This was my 17th ski vacation so obviously I'm quite a good skier and can do all kinds of slopes.
However.... for years I had a disturbing control problem which made me slide the turns and acquire too much speed. I had your first DVD for a few years and this year I've purchased the second one as well and watched both constantly 3 weeks prior to the vacation.
On the slopes I could actually see what am I doing wrong and correct myself and therefore experienced huge improvement in all ski conditions. So again, Thanks a lot!!!


Ruka from US

Wednesday, 10-02-16 05:21

A truly effective approach. Highly recommended to improve your skiing technique. I have it with me and see parts of it every now and then. Really enjoyed this instructional skiing video.
From beginner to pro there is fun stuff in there for everyone. I recommend this DVD to all skiers.


Chris from US

Wednesday, 06-01-16 21:48

Dear Klaus, I just wanted to thank you for the great videos, I have only started skiing a couple of years ago and have really been struggling to progress past where I was. I could ski all slopes but due to poor technique I was slow in the steeps and also using a lot of energy fighting the skis all the time.

I have watched and practiced over the past week and my skiing has moved forward so much I cannot thank you enough, the videos are so easy to understand and your instruction is very clear and easy to put into practice.

I have always wanted to attend ski school, but due to the nature of my job I travel a lot and cannot commit to set days and such, so this is truly flexible and a great way for me to learn.

Massive thanks again, and wish you all the best for the coming year.



Alasdair from Scotland

Tuesday, 24-03-15 15:20

Hi Klaus, I wish to thank you for the DVD (from Blue to Powder) and for your great (& simple) Youtube videos. I am aged 62 and took up snow skiing in 2012. Through your great teachings I have been able to enjoy this wonderful sport more and more. I have just returned from Sainte Foy in France having spent 5 days skiing there. I was able to put into practice many of the techniques and skills that your DVD and memory cards describe and I look forward to learning more in the next season. Thank you again (and also thank you for being humble and encouraging us all to wear a helmet!) Kind regards, Alasdair (Scotland)

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I would very much appreciate it, if you would take the time to give me your feedback. It is always great to hear if the transfer from the sofa to the slope worked and where we could improve. Thank you!

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