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Rebekah from US

Monday, 14-02-11 20:04

Just a note to thank you for the great video! I reviewed it before hubby and I went skiing last week—yes, I saw a few of my bad habits! I spent a day doing the drills, and I can tell you this—what a difference they made! I think I was skiing the smoothest/best I have in a long time. The drills also provided a turning point for my husband (age 64 and only skiing for 2 years vs. my 40+ years), from being fearful to really break out of the comfortable wedge to a more parallel stance (on the easy hills). His speed increased and his confidence
I will not hesitate to recommend your DVD to other skiers!


Joseph Giannasio from Kailua, Hawaii

Monday, 14-02-11 19:50

Hi Klaus, Thank you for your excellent DVD. I ski 2-3 weeks per year and having been skiing for the past 6 years. I am 63 and a mid level 6 skier. I am going skiing in Telluride in early March and can't wait to put what I am learning into action. I have been relatively comfortable on double blues and can get down a single black diamond but not well. I hope this will change with your help. I wish their was more detail in the video on the hopping move on the steeps where you lift the tail of the ski to make the turn. Is it correct that on the steeps in short radius turns you drop out step 2 of the normal 3 steps of a medium and long radius turn? I hope that you will produce another DVD on a combination of bumps and powder. I would buy it today. Your a wonderful teacher. Aloha, Joe


Nicolas from Canada

Thursday, 10-02-11 19:48

Hi Klaus,
Just got your DVD this week, and found it most impressive. I am ordering additional copies for my friends! Thanks for all the tips and drills, and keep up the good work!


Manuel from Baqueira- Beret Pyrennees

Monday, 31-01-11 19:47

Thanks Klaus for your work. I, m 56 years old and skier since I was 4. Austria, Alaska, the Sates, Alpes and finally Pyrenees when I live. From the Austrian style, pasing for Chirtianias etc. The best lessons for an accurate, safe and funny sky are incluided in your DVD. Now I feel better and safer and enjoying a lot with your excersices.
Thanks again


Mikhail from Russia

Friday, 28-01-11 19:44

Found out your slides on YouTube.
It was wonderful that I found out these lessons! You are the best ski instructor - easy understand, visually, good set of exercises.
Thanks a lot for your job.


Sheraz Khan from U.S.A NJ

Thursday, 27-01-11 19:42

I have seen your dvd over 40 times (not lying) and each time I watch it, I pick something new. Great DVD and explains angulation in great way. One thing I can't get my head around is how you end up leaning your body so much in a turn? Does it require a very steep sloop? Is there a drill that can help me get there?


Ramani from WI, USA

Monday, 24-01-11 18:23

Excellent carving video..been with me since last year and I have improved a lot. Thank you so rock!


Wesley Takahashi from Valencia, CA, USA

Sunday, 23-01-11 18:22

Hi Klaus, great instructional DVD! I tried the "carving" drill at Mammoth last week and it works. Thanks



Friday, 21-01-11 18:20

Hello Klaus,
I am not going to tell you how great your DVD was. Let's just say that 2 days after I had received it, my skiing improved some 30% and my confidence doubled. =)


Tanja Wehrhahn from Köln

Thursday, 20-01-11 18:10

Dear Klaus!
A couple of days too late.... but HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thanks for the great course on the weekend and all the very helpful hints to become a better carver! We will always remember "der weg ist das ziel" and "face the danger" ;-)) thanks and warm regards from cologne, Tanja


I would very much appreciate it, if you would take the time to give me your feedback. It is always great to hear if the transfer from the sofa to the slope worked and where we could improve. Thank you!

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