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Felix from Spain

Wednesday, 19-01-11 18:09

Dear Klaus, I just received and watched your DVD. It's probably the best ski lesson I have ever had...Simple explanations, easy to understand and also pretty funny and very instructive!! Congratulations!! Really nice work!! With best regards,


Gloriana from SN, español

Friday, 14-01-11 18:08

¡Hola! I think you're skiing and teaching skills aré amazing.. Just wondering, do you conduct lessons(practical)?

Have a blessed new year


Steve Marriott from Everett WA

Friday, 31-12-10 00:00

I received the dvd and was finally able to watch it. After many views and tryouts, I found that I was able to focus more on balance and technique. To the point I was able to help out a fellow skier on her turns. The DVD could use a couple of tweeks to perfect it, but all in all, it is a fantastic learning tool! Happy Holidays and have a safe skiing season!


Kevin from New Jersey

Tuesday, 21-12-10 18:01

Great video. It made me a much better skier. My carving and control has improved 10 fold. Thanks!


Walter Holubowski from Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Thursday, 16-12-10 17:56

Love your DVD, finally I understand the purpose behind some of the excercises I was being asked to do by some of the ski instructers. When is your next DVD, I still cannot figure out what is the logical approach to skiing the moguls? I have been watching your DVD over and over in anticipation of the ski season coming up.

Thank you.



Tuesday, 07-12-10 14:56

Hi Klaus
I've just received the DVD and think it is great; very clear and informative. I'm looking forward to applying the techniques in January. I had one question regarding the 'Steeps'; at the end of this lesson you drop from a ledge and ski down a steep slope. During this descent your skis do not appear to ever reach the fall line but you seem to turn them with your feet just after you move / jump forward to initiate the turn - is this correct? Please could you clarify?


Hi Dan, thank you for your entry and the interesting question!
What i wanted to show with the steep run is, that you need to commit to moving forward in the steeps. By doing this faster we spend less time in the fall line, and pick up less speed. The goal is to get the skis into the fall line quickly to then ski them out of the fall line safely again. To speed this up we also turn our skis at the top of the turn to shorten this phase. But the skill we want to develop is the movement in the right direction followed by a strong basic position and not the excessive turning of our feet from side to side. The turning of the feet also comes natural, more often is done too much than not enough and therefore not mentioned on purpose. The demo shown is obviously an exageration, for the recreational skier the goal is to feel the sensation of getting into the turn faster by commiting to facing the danger and moving downhill.
I hope this makes sense. We will have more room to discuss things like this in the member area of the new website which will be online soon and available for SSS online customers. See you there. Klaus


Jerry L

Monday, 06-12-10 14:54

The video gives me info. I never got in several hands on lessons. I am taking my son and grandsons to Tahoe in January. Can't wait to put the techniques into practice. Thanks.



Thursday, 02-12-10 14:53

Great DVD- my own skiing improved dramatically & I have added a ton of techniques to my instructors’ toolbox. With just a few tweaks, I also applied your lessons to sit-skis (mono-ski) & student progression was remarkable. Plus-the DVD allows me to easily review lessons at the beginning of the season for a quick tune-up. Thanks


Clay Burns

Tuesday, 30-11-10 14:52

just got remarried.
teaching new wife.
bought her a skiers edge machine.
buying your tape ,hope it helps.
I've been skiing 40 something yrs.


David Collings

Sunday, 28-11-10 14:51

Just ordered your DVD after watching your carving lesson and I am anxious to get started improving my skiing. I am 57 yrs old and just started skiing last season. After about 9 ski lessons I progressed to some mild black diamonds and fairly confident on Blues. Hoping to learn to carve and be confident on the blacks.



I hope that my DVD will help you to reach your goals. It has a big focus on ski fundamentals that become especially important on the black runs and it shows a lot of usefull drills that will help you work on your skills. Please keep me posted on your progress and have a great winter! Klaus


I would very much appreciate it, if you would take the time to give me your feedback. It is always great to hear if the transfer from the sofa to the slope worked and where we could improve. Thank you!

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