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Saturday, 27-11-10 14:49

Coach Klaus,
The Sofa Ski School DVD has helped my family move onto Black Diamond runs as promised. Thank you for providing lessons that are so useful and easy to understand!D


Jerry K. Lamb

Thursday, 18-11-10 14:41

loved the on line samples so ordered the DVD. Have been snow skiing several times but just never seemed to progress even with lessons. Expect to gain good insight from the DVD.



Thursday, 18-11-10 14:40

Just a bit of feedback...
Have watched your DVD several times already. I have not been skiing for 20 years :-(. It's exactly what I was hoping for to get started again.
Fantastic clear instruction!


Markus Petrovich

Saturday, 06-11-10 14:38

I watched your DVD.It's gread!Thanks!



Tuesday, 14-09-10 15:37

I have no words, its just fantastic, after watching the DVD i went to an indoor slope and practiced and i manage to carve perfectly, thank you so so much, my best lesson ever.

I am looking forward to your new DVD.

Do you do private lessons


Ed Frank

Tuesday, 25-05-10 15:36

My friend Al Falk and I have enjoyed and benefitted from your Sofa DVD tremendously. In retrospect, after viewing the DVD, we believe thet we were at Mammoth during the time you were filming. We were watching you with admiration without knowing who you were and not realizing you were being filmed. We began copying some of the things you were doing. Several years later, Al found the DVD and we now view it with great excitement.
Mit vielen dank. Ed



Tuesday, 25-05-10 15:35

Hi Klaus,
Your DVD just arrived yesterday and I was most pleased when I viewed it. The content is very clear and not only tells you what to do, it describes why it works.
I am 77 yrs. old and still enjoy skiing and I am sure that your video will help to fine tune my technique. At my age its no fun falling and this kind of information helps to add a great deal of fun and safety to the sports.

Well done!


Allen Falk

Saturday, 01-05-10 15:35


The best ski instructions I have ever had, it really works. Your spoken and visual presentation work together to give a complete picture of what, why and how to do it.

I thought my ski season was over for the year when I got your DVD. After watching it I knew I had to ski and try it now. I ski where I belive you shot your DVD and I think I saw you there back in 2007 doing what I call a 360 turn.
I just got back from skiing and trying it on the same places I believe were in the DVD.

It WORKS GREAT!!!!! Thanks for getting me to a new level in skiing.



Saturday, 01-05-10 15:34

Best DVD ever thank you!!!


Mike Parker

Friday, 23-04-10 15:33

Video a Christmas present. It made my family ski trip to France so much more successful. Everyone took note of the instruction cards that came with the video during the trip. Thanks


I would very much appreciate it, if you would take the time to give me your feedback. It is always great to hear if the transfer from the sofa to the slope worked and where we could improve. Thank you!

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