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Payam Alai

Sunday, 18-04-10 15:32



Mike Sasin

Sunday, 11-04-10 15:31


Just got back from a little spring skiing. I had not skied in about 6 years. Like many "new" intermediates, I could carve a turn if I got lucky but there was no consistency. And I didn't have a good grasp of the fundamentals. So I was frustrated and took a "break" from downhill. Then I saw your carving lesson on Youtube and it made a lot of sense. I bought your DVD almost out of guilt - I felt bad that I got all that good information from the Youtube clip for free. It turned out to be the best skiing purchase ever. Going through the fundamentals was very important. And the angulation and "face the danger" lesson really helped my skiing. I could not believe how much power I could apply on that outside edge. I had no fear "throwing" myself down the hill because I knew I could immediately engage that strong outside edge and come to a complete stop if necessary, even on a steep slope.

You should print up some T-shirts with "FACE THE DANGER!" on them and an image of a skier charging down a steep. I'd buy a few.

Thanks for re-igniting my love of skiing. Greets from Colorado!


Jan Bergersen

Wednesday, 07-04-10 15:30


I purchased you dvd last year.

In advance of going skiing this season I have been watching your DVD, memorizing the lessons, to try to transfer the knowledge to the slopes. And I must say that it's most helpful!

Added to that is that I have been running alpine/ carving snowboard for years, and only took up skiing again two years ago. Wanting to try the "new" carving skis ( I started snowboarding long before the carving skis came on the market and became normal equipment). And the principles for weight transfer and using edges are quite similar to skiing, as you might know. However, seeing how it's done on skis and getting it explained in a nice way has been a great help for me.
Next season I will also use more of the drills getting the different movements more secure.

Thanks for a great product!
I can only recommend this dvd to ALL skiers wanting to get better.

Kind regards
Jan bergersen



Saturday, 03-04-10 15:29

I purchased and contacted you in June last year about the Sofa Ski School DVD.
So, I have just returned back from Big White in Canada, after two glorious weeks of ski in and ski out conditions.
After, 5 days of getting my legs in tune to Canadian powder and getting about the mountain, I was about to get those lessons
to help me get upper into the intermediate levels, when i remembered i had packed the Sofa School DVD again.I was able to study your methods at night and in the mornings.
What followed was 3 days of skiing excellence and my progression up into the higher levels and all because of your DVD.
I saved on the lessons and was doing the moves very well.
Anyway, your DVD is great for confidence and an open mind for a willing student like me.
Its all discipline and repetition really and a willingness to learn.
Thanks again for your DVD, it is a great resource material for skiers wanting to improve.



Scott Graham

Thursday, 01-04-10 15:28

Received my DVD. Really pleased with the content and the way it is set out. The instruction is great. Really clear and simple to follow.

Unfortunately I'm not going to get on real snow this year however looking forward to trying out the moves on indoor snow.

Many thanks for the great production. Wish I'd found your site sooner



Saturday, 27-03-10 14:27

Great video, can't wait to do some of these drills!



Monday, 01-03-10 14:25

Dear Klaus,
Your DVD is brilliant! It is the best I have seen in this category. The explanations are simple and the demonstrations back up what you teach in a way that are easy to follow. Even though I do not have a problem with my own skiing, teaching someone else is not that easy unless one is able to break up the subject into simple building blocks without complicating the matter with loads of theory. Your DVD offers precisely this approach. I also like your "what am I doing wrong" section, as this addresses one of the root problems as to why some people may not be able to progress beyond a certain point, no matter how hard they try. I sincerely hope that your method is being increasingly followed by ski schools around the world.

As a matter of interest, in which resort was your video filmed, as the slopes look great?

Once again, thank you very much.



Friday, 26-02-10 14:24

I recently purchased your video and I must say GREAT job. My skiing has
improved dramatically this season. You simplify the process of skiing.
I have taken private lessons before, only to be left confused by the
instructor. Keep up the good work, and be sure to let me know when
you release another video. Thanks!!



Wednesday, 17-02-10 14:23

I am happy with this dvd lesson. great material, thanks.


Steve Hoedt

Wednesday, 17-02-10 14:17

Fantastic package!! Well worth the money and Klaus has easy lessons with DRAMATIC RESULTS. Best I've ever skied, and I can't wait to get out again. Highly recommended and I am a fussy customer. Probably worth 10 times the price if done in personal lessons. Buy it, you will be glad you did!! I AM!!


I would very much appreciate it, if you would take the time to give me your feedback. It is always great to hear if the transfer from the sofa to the slope worked and where we could improve. Thank you!

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