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Ruka from US

Wednesday, 10-02-16 05:21

A truly effective approach. Highly recommended to improve your skiing technique. I have it with me and see parts of it every now and then. Really enjoyed this instructional skiing video.
From beginner to pro there is fun stuff in there for everyone. I recommend this DVD to all skiers.


Chris from US

Wednesday, 06-01-16 21:48

Dear Klaus, I just wanted to thank you for the great videos, I have only started skiing a couple of years ago and have really been struggling to progress past where I was. I could ski all slopes but due to poor technique I was slow in the steeps and also using a lot of energy fighting the skis all the time.

I have watched and practiced over the past week and my skiing has moved forward so much I cannot thank you enough, the videos are so easy to understand and your instruction is very clear and easy to put into practice.

I have always wanted to attend ski school, but due to the nature of my job I travel a lot and cannot commit to set days and such, so this is truly flexible and a great way for me to learn.

Massive thanks again, and wish you all the best for the coming year.



Alasdair from Scotland

Tuesday, 24-03-15 15:20

Hi Klaus, I wish to thank you for the DVD (from Blue to Powder) and for your great (& simple) Youtube videos. I am aged 62 and took up snow skiing in 2012. Through your great teachings I have been able to enjoy this wonderful sport more and more. I have just returned from Sainte Foy in France having spent 5 days skiing there. I was able to put into practice many of the techniques and skills that your DVD and memory cards describe and I look forward to learning more in the next season. Thank you again (and also thank you for being humble and encouraging us all to wear a helmet!) Kind regards, Alasdair (Scotland)



Saturday, 14-03-15 16:28

Hi Klaus, your "Blue to Powder" training has been amazing for me. In just 6 days my skill and confidence has skyrocketed. From watching all the videos, my biggest take away was the (a) position over the ski, (b) position to the fall line, (c) hip engage and angle, and (d) 3 parts of the turn (edges - neutral - fall line - turn). The drill of inside arm out stretched, with the outside hand touching the knee, really worked well. The second best drill for me, now that I am getting better, is to hold the poles like light sabers and be aware of your body's inclination, as related to the pitch of the slope, through the turn.
On the first day of skiing at the Bowl, after watching the videos, I had my first truly confident and much better executed run on a trail called "Mussel Ridge". It's a black diamond, with one section of about 200 feet that is double black in steepness. This section of the trail in the past always made me "gulp" a little just before engaging on it. Now, after 6 days, there is no hesitation and I can ski this section any way I want; short turns, big turns, high speed stops on the slope, etc. Thanks so much for ski training videos. You have brought me back to feeling 25 again!


Rares from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Monday, 09-02-15 15:45

Klaus, I must say I could have not been more happier that I found your site and your dvds. It clearly shows your great teaching skills and your vast experience. (too bad your school is not close by :-). I am planning next year to take advantage of the ski analysis... till then I need practice.


Ken from US

Sunday, 08-02-15 17:28

HI Klaus, I just wanted to say that I love the DVD and the lessons….you really do explain it well. I have been skiing all my life, but I now feel that I am just learning to ski at 51 years old…..fantastic! I watched the video and on the first weekend on the slopes, bam, it clicked and I felt the sensational feeling of the pure carve turn. Now it is just practice. Nice touch with the instructional cards that you can bring to the hill. Really helps you focus on what you need to accomplish. Thanks Klaus!


Liz from UK

Friday, 30-01-15 20:22

I have been skiing for 12 years but there was still something not quite right with my skiing, something missing… until I watched ‘Sofa Ski School’. It sounds absurd - how can you correct and improve your skiing, sitting in your living room?

From the moment I started playing the DVD, it all started to make sense. Klaus Mair takes you up the slopes, lets you choose what you need to improve on, explains how you should be skiing and then gives you a practical demonstration. He also offers drills and tips which he explains in a clear, easy to understand format.

The DVD is brilliant! It covers balance, how and when to use your outside ski, perfect turns, carving and skiing the steeps, plus useful drills. The best thing is, Klaus Mair is with you all the way. You can stop him, freeze him, rewind him and always keep watching his technique. There was so much to learn and although it sounds crazy, standing in front of the screen mimicking some of his movements and angles, it was the best course of ski lessons I have ever had!

Armed with the complimentary pocket sized training cards that came with the DVD, I couldn’t wait to get out onto the snow and put the Klaus Mair instruction into practice. It worked!

I have been to many ski schools, (groups and individual lessons), read numerous ski books and magazines, so the idea of watching the ‘Sofa Ski School’ DVD by Klaus Mair had not in fact been high on my options. It should however, have been my first! With the knowledge I have gained, I would certainly recommend this DVD to all my friends and colleagues and to anyone who wants to ski with style and confidence.



Monday, 12-01-15 19:48

Hi Klaus, I just wanted to say that I ,finally, got the chance to watch the DVD yesterday and it was GREAT! Well done its really excellent! I think you make some excellent and very clear points with your demos (especially running down the black run )
which will definitely help my skiing. All of the sections are excellent and it was a great idea to add Powder and bumps and short section on fog too. Fantastic DVD Klaus, much better than any others I have seen on the market. All the best, Peter


John from USA

Thursday, 01-01-15 16:03

Dear Klaus, it's been a little over 2 weeks since I wrote to you. All I can say is, "Oh, MY GOD!!!" Your instructions literally transformed my skiing from the "terminal intermediate ski rut" to amazing within a couple days. I've had quite a bit of vacation time over the past couple weeks and have gone skiing almost every day. Every single word you say in the videos have a very powerful and significant meaning. I watch the videos daily, both before and after I go skiing, and I always pick up on something new that you said in the video and make it a point of emphasis the next time I go skiing.

My short turns still need quite a bit of work, but most of that is due to getting lazy and dropping my hands. Overall, I'm really happy with my skiing. I no longer fear speed or steeps, although I do respect what I'm getting myself into and focus that much more when I ski fast or steeps. It's all due to you and your wonderful ability to instruct. So, thank you very, very much!!! I wish there were more words to express my gratitude and respect for what you have taught me.

Best regards,



Jennifer from Salt Lake City

Tuesday, 16-12-14 18:27

My friends and I have been trading off watching your DVD at the beginning of the season for 3 years and with the new Powder DVD I decided to buy my own. Excellent advice and descriptions on how to improve!!! They are VERY helpful. Thank you for making them fun as well. Cheers, Jennifer


I would very much appreciate it, if you would take the time to give me your feedback. It is always great to hear if the transfer from the sofa to the slope worked and where we could improve. Thank you!

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