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Kathryn K from Australia

Tuesday, 16-12-14 01:12

Hi Klaus
Thanks for a second great DVD to watch and learn from. Wish I had Known about Sofa Ski School when I first put skis on! I like your demo's of the correct and incorrect ways of doing things, the technical explanation as well as the visual. Learning is great fun when humour is sprinkled through it too. An altogether encompassing way of teaching newbies to experts. Well done. I am looking forward to referring to the info every ski season :)


Peter Parsons from Melbourne

Sunday, 09-11-14 01:19

Hi Klaus, Loving the latest video it is great. The break down of the turn and the structured approach of the beginner to advanced skill level is fantastic, makes a lot of sense. This approach has enabled me to improve my skiing significantly and have more fun. I loved the video so much, I went to Treble Cone this year for a test flight. Simply fantastic, so much fun. Your instruction enabled great skiing as noted by some snow boarders, "That was Amazing!" a high accolade. My next mission is to stomp a heli run in NZ, so more powder skills, please...
Keep up the great work, the skill are following.
Peter P


Martin Gabriel from Sydney, Australia

Monday, 13-10-14 06:28

Hi Klaus, Firstly thank you so much. Your first DVD improved my skiing dramatically. As well as teaching me more, the second one showed me how much more there is to learn. So much to learn, so little time. I am 66, ski (according to others) like a 40 something year old, but I am looking forward to putting into practice stuff (particularly short turns) in your second DVD when we go to Canada next January. Again, thank you very much. Not only did you explain wonderful concepts which have lifted my skiing to the next level, but introduced me to feelings on the mountain I had only imagined.
Kind regards,


James K

Sunday, 12-10-14 15:25

Hi Klaus the latest effort is outstanding; the skiing, great camera angles, music, and beautiful Treble Cone make this DVD more than simply an instructional video.


Vince Rossi from Brunswick, Australia

Saturday, 30-08-14 12:30

The new DVD arrived just before my two trips to the snowfields. Great resource and new variations to my turns, awkward at first but the body soon learned to move in a better way. Once again Klaus Mair delivers, with simple instructions to use with existing skills and a drill for future level advances. Missed you in N.Z. hope to catch up one day in Austria or N.Z.


Lisa Champion from Sydney

Thursday, 07-08-14 21:40

I have just finished my first Sofa Ski Camp and it was absolutely fantastic. I have skied for a very long time, but never have I had my technique so well analysed, broken down and then put back together again with the excellent teaching methods of my Sofa coach. I have taken away so much to work on and think about and can't wait to come back next year for another dose! Thank you so much Klaus - for your dedication to developing a training methodology that makes so much sense! Loved every minute of it!


Gaylen A

Tuesday, 05-08-14 12:43

Your instruction has been worth 100 times what the DVD's cost. Thanks again for all the pleasure I have had on skis thanks to you!


Ramin .

Saturday, 29-03-14 13:43

Hi Klaus, Just finished watching your DVDs. They are great.
You explain clearly and it all make sense. I am very glad and satisfied and I hope one day I meet with you in person to learn more from you. Thanks again for the great job!


Nikolay K from Moscow

Sunday, 16-03-14 10:19

Just watched the Blue to Powder DVD. This is not just a perfectly structured, helpful and inspiring training course but also a brilliant, aesthetically beautiful video that you would like to see over and over again!!! Plus, some fancy moves to enjoy - my favourites are 1) cool jump at the very end of "powder" section 2) getting off the skis at the end Of "control phase - black":) That's amazing work, congratulations Klaus! ?


Tony Smith from US

Sunday, 16-03-14 09:22

Hi Klaus,
thank you for the DVD from blue to powder! It is both informative and a joy to watch. Thank you for setting your time aside to help others. I have 3 generations skiing the fourth is 89 years old dad.


I would very much appreciate it, if you would take the time to give me your feedback. It is always great to hear if the transfer from the sofa to the slope worked and where we could improve. Thank you!

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