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Lee M from Central Coast NSW

Wednesday, 05-09-12 18:07

Hi Klaus,
Your DVD is excellent value for money. The key concepts are well explained in an uncomplicated manner. It is so important to not become confused when putting the theory into practice on the mountain. Also the camera work, lighting and excellent location (Mammoth!) all look very professional.
Thanks, Lee


Alex M

Tuesday, 24-07-12 02:32

Klaus, I love your video, and have watched it many times. I really think your way of explaining the dynamics of expert skiing is excellent and the drills will reinforce the concepts for our whole family. Thanks for sending it to us, we can't wait to get on the snow and head for the steeps!


Jenny S

Friday, 02-03-12 22:31

Hi Klaus. I just returned from eastern Canada. I had such fun and could explore most of the resort thanks largely to your DVD. I just took up skiing last year at 54 years old so I was concerned about how much I could do. But I bought your DVD a month before I went and it made all the difference. It gave me the basics I needed so that I could ski most runs (including their black diamonds - the so-called "steeps"). I still cannot do moguls but most everything else was manageable and fun. Your DVD is just excellent and I recommend it to anyone who is considering a purchase.

Ski season is over here in Pennsylvania (a bit early this year since we had a very mild winter). But I can hardly wait until next year to get back on the slopes and continue work on your recommended "basics".

Great product! Glad I made the purchase. I will recommend it to our local ski club. Be well, Jenny


Robert from Canada

Sunday, 05-02-12 11:12

Klaus, hurry up, I can't wait man. I watched your carving video on youtube, tried to practice drills you have shown there and had amazing day of skiing today - probably one of the best in my 20+ years skiing career, yes sunny weather and the new snow helped too :) I learnt how to slide down the mountain on my skis all by myself when I was teenager. Today, I've started to learn how to ski :)



Mark Bond from Montana, USA

Saturday, 04-02-12 22:14

Klaus. Bought your dvd and love it so much I am buy in one for my Hiwian freinds. I use it with a portable dvd player on the slope and review lessons on the lift!! Better than any ski instructor I have ever had...and with the dvd I can ask to repeat a lesson over and over and over...Lots of fun. Thanks a lot for simplifying skiing. Mark


Petr Markl from Czech Republic

Saturday, 04-02-12 22:13

Your DVD have arrived last week so I am able to give you some feedback as I promised few days ago:

1. Your instructions are very explanatory and easy to understand. I had to translate your speech as my kids are not so fluent in English but with the way you explain things it is an easy task.
2. Your instructions are one essence of experience. I know some quite good skiers but they are not able to explain things as good as you do. And they are native Czech speakers!
3. I am sure the DVD is worth much more than the price I have actually paid for it. It gave me the info which helps myself and my family members to stay more safe on the slopes and enjoy the skiing trying to avoid mistakes we were not aware of.
4. Simply an excellence to which one could not easily find an adequate substitute.

Thank you again, Klaus. I wish you the best in your personal and professional lives.


Bessard from France Aix en Provence

Saturday, 04-02-12 22:11

Après avoir visionné le DVD un grand nombre de fois pour totalement m'imprégner de votre manière de skier, j'ai cherché à mettre en application ce que j'ai vu sur votre DVD. Et là, surprise, j'ai commencé à skier d'une façon inouïe et totalement différente de celle habituelle.Mon ski est devenu fluide, facile voire spectaculaire puisque depuis on me fait des réflexions que l'on ne me faisait pas auparavent. J'éprouve davantage de plaisir à skier avec plus de sécurité. Bravo pour votre méthode juste et extrêmement efficace. Un grand merci à Klaus.



Saturday, 04-02-12 22:09

A fantastic reference DVD, full of clear, uncomplicated, jargon-free explanations followed by visual demonstrations. I have to say, this DVD is a real credit to Klaus Mair. You could take the laptop with you with the DVD loaded and watch every day before skiing or after to get a clear idea of what to do next. That's my intention starting next week, having received my copy yesterday. Thanks a lot.


Daniel Brinckmann from Visvliet

Tuesday, 31-01-12 15:53

Since 2 year I sent my clips to the Sofa Ski School. Every year I improve my skills thanks to the pointers from Klaus. The DVD is the best ski instruction dvd around. Am looking forward to part 2.


Mike Tressler from United States

Friday, 06-01-12 16:31

I just moved to Colorado and skied for the first time since high school last week(I am 46). I struggled on the greens all day but improved a bit. Then I watched your brief video on carving on you tube. I skied again yesterday and carved up the blues easily! I feel like I skipped right from beginner to intermediate level. I am ordering your DVD tonight!


I would very much appreciate it, if you would take the time to give me your feedback. It is always great to hear if the transfer from the sofa to the slope worked and where we could improve. Thank you!

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