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Stuart Downey from Atlanta, GA

Sunday, 24-03-13 21:03

What a tremendous value your video is. I knew I had some bad habits and your simple analysis and simple drills had an instant positive impact. Thanks so much!


Ben from Canada

Thursday, 14-03-13 15:07

Dear Klaus, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you personally for your DVD which has been most valuable.
The ski analysis however is in one word awesome and the method in which you were able to manipulate the video in order to show the inherent challenges and how to make improvements amazed me. I have taken several lessons before but never have I been able to get such valuable feedback. I would like to send more video clips in the future as I progress as I know there are always ways to improve. I will be telling as many skiers as I know about you and how invaluable sofa ski school has been for me.

Thank you very much and Greetings from Canada.



Vinny K

Tuesday, 05-02-13 22:51

Hi Klaus, Received the video while skiing in Park City, Utah. Watched the majority of the video and really like the way you simplify skiing basics and advanced technique. I will be telling friends and family about you're video and web site.
Best regards,


Minor Collinsworth from California USA

Thursday, 24-01-13 02:41

Your DVD is terrific. I use it in conjunction with on snow lessons at a local ski resort. I use it to supplement the on snow lessons and review basics. I practice the drills after my on snow lessons. Your DVD has greatly improved my skiing and saved me hundreds of dollars in lessons


Kevin T

Wednesday, 16-01-13 07:33

Dear Klaus, here is the update on my trip to France.
It was certainly the best I have ever had thanks to you and your DVD. I followed your instructions to the letter and had the most amazing week. I started with all your drills and by the second day was using pistes that I would never have dared to try before.
I can't thank you enough for your help in making this trip a one I will never forget!


roger blinn from Durham N.H.

Friday, 11-01-13 22:47

Hi Klaus
Been a customer since 2009 wanted to say great new web site.
You have talked about new video possible on doing Moguls. If it's like your other DVD can't wait to buy it. Know your busy but if you get a chance to let all your fans know what your game plan is it would be great God Bless and a great 2013 season


Hi Roger, thank you for your message! I am currently working on my next DVD which will build up on the existing one. It will also have an extra chapter on how to ski powder and maybe an intro to moguls. The DVD will be published for the 13/14 winter. I will post some pre releases in the member area and look forward to your input. Have a great winter!


Declan Quinn from Ireland

Thursday, 03-01-13 12:16

I got your fantastic DVD. I’ve watched it already and what you point out is so clear and excellently explained, whereby I understand so much now that I can’t wait to get on the slopes to try out your instructions.
Thanks for everything from your speedy email replies, ease of purchase to the fast delivery of the DVD.
Where I can, I will be promoting your DVD to anybody that has an interest to listen to me raving on about it.

Slán go fóill from Ireland !


Kevin S

Wednesday, 05-12-12 11:47

Many thanks for your DVD, it arrived last week and I have been watching it ever since. I am going out to France on the 5th of January and already feel that I have learned so much. This will be my third visit skiing, so I will let you know how much I have improved, a fact i am sure of as you have made your lessons so simple and easy to understand. Fantastic, can't wait!!!


Lee M from Central Coast NSW

Wednesday, 05-09-12 18:07

Hi Klaus,
Your DVD is excellent value for money. The key concepts are well explained in an uncomplicated manner. It is so important to not become confused when putting the theory into practice on the mountain. Also the camera work, lighting and excellent location (Mammoth!) all look very professional.
Thanks, Lee


Alex M

Tuesday, 24-07-12 02:32

Klaus, I love your video, and have watched it many times. I really think your way of explaining the dynamics of expert skiing is excellent and the drills will reinforce the concepts for our whole family. Thanks for sending it to us, we can't wait to get on the snow and head for the steeps!


I would very much appreciate it, if you would take the time to give me your feedback. It is always great to hear if the transfer from the sofa to the slope worked and where we could improve. Thank you!

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