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Thomas Dorch from Stockholm, Sweden

Sunday, 25-12-11 16:28

Hello. I bought your DVD two years ago. Excellent teaching and tips. I want more. Do you have a new DVD in planning?
Best regards Thomas.


Peter Nørregaard Hansen from Denmark

Thursday, 15-12-11 16:27

Dear Klaus, I am a big fan of your DVD and your instructions have really been helping me a lot. I would really have hoped and have been for many years that you were to do a DVD on short turns and mogul skiing as well as one on off piste skiing. Until that wish (hopefully) come true, are there any DVDs that you would recommend on those topics?
Thank you so much for your help so far and hopefully also on your future help.
- Peter


Mitch Llewellyn from USA

Sunday, 11-12-11 17:23

Really like the DVD! Headed to breckenridge.


Dan Cho from Haddonfield NJ, USA

Saturday, 26-11-11 00:00

Dear Klaus. I am enjoying your video again this season. And again it is just fantastic instruction. I just had some questions and ideas. Is there any way you would arrange ski clinics both for skiers and ski school instructors at resorts in the US. Or on other continents? Like a ski camp? I believe people would come. (A nice excuse for me to visit European slopes). What's new in sofa ski school this year? Thanks again for the best ski instructional video. Dan


Imran from Whistler, B.C.

Sunday, 06-11-11 00:00

Thanks for the informative media!


Paulette from Michigan, USA

Friday, 28-10-11 00:00

Hi Klaus,
I must say that this is an awesome video, I got it as a x-mas gift last season and was really able to improve my confidence and performance on the slopes in a short time. Now I'm able to take double blues even though I've only been skiing for 1 season. Your drills are great, direct and easy to understand. You and your team did an outstanding job in the production of this DVD. Thanks


David Collings from Ohio, USA

Saturday, 08-10-11 00:00

Hi Klaus,
One year later after using your DVD techniques I have progressed in my skiing ability and gained a more comfortable feeling in craving. The ski season is near now and we have a trip planned to Breckenridge, CO at the end of November. Can't wait to try all I learned last year on the big mountains.
Thank you,


Ed Zalepa from Slovakia

Tuesday, 20-09-11 00:00

I just wanted to confirm that I received the DVD today. It is excellent, very technical yet easy to follow, providing valuable information, drills, and advice. Although I am not a beginner skier, I still wanted to have your DVD. And I find it very useful already. I think that with this DVD I am well prepared to hit the slopes and have a blast this winter.


Vlad from British Columbia, Canada

Saturday, 17-09-11 00:00

Hi Klaus,
After seeing your DVD I am eager to ski again and every morning I’m impatiently looking out of the window for the first snow flakes. The instruction you did is unbelievable well done. Now I feel more confident that I will improve my skiing this season after seeing it.
How would it be to have you as a personal instructor on the slope? Lucky ones whom you were teacher to. Come to ski to Whistler, BC, Canada.
Thanks again.



John Clare

Thursday, 01-09-11 00:00

Hi Klaus,
Thanks for the video - have watched it a few times already. Easy to understand and enjoyable to watch. I can't wait for my first trip to the slopes this year to try out the exercises.
Dave T


I would very much appreciate it, if you would take the time to give me your feedback. It is always great to hear if the transfer from the sofa to the slope worked and where we could improve. Thank you!

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