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Betty from Calgary

Sunday, 24-04-11 20:29

Hi Klaus: I rec'd your dvd a month ago and you are an excellent ski instructor. You explain things better than anyone who has ever taught me to ski. I am finally going down black diamond runs with style now and not like before I would get down the steepest part by large traverses and used to do "Z" turns instead of "C" turns. My husband was always giving me tips on how to ski but I could never understand what he was talking about. In the month that I got your video I have finally learned to carve my turns. Thanks for the great video, we still have one more month of skiing here in the Banff area. :D


Nelleke Cooper from Sonoma, CA

Thursday, 14-04-11 20:28

Watching your video makes me realize how many things I was doing wrong. It'll take some time to change my bad habits, but we're having fun watching the video and practicing here at Kirkwood. The snow is really nice and powdery for this time of the year.


Spiros Santorineos from Victoria BC Canada

Sunday, 27-03-11 20:26

Hi Klaus,
I have watched your DVD countless times over the past 2 weeks and yesterday I hit our local hill - Mt Washington. It was great having you inside my head - "Face the Danger" and "Up and Forward". I have not had formal lessons for years, relying on past memories and comments from Ski buddies. I am an advance agressive skier until things go wrong in the "Steeps". I am the classic 80/20 man. Doing things right 80% of the time. Your DVD with direct and uncomplicated instruction is simply "Fantastic". The cards are a great reminder. I have laminated them for durability and easy access. I plan to highly recommend your DVD to everyone I encounter looking to be a better skier. Next weekend I go to Whislter/Blackcomb for another 3 days of glory and you know what that means - "You will be there with me". Looking forward to the new website. Now if I can just get my wife and daughter to feel the love of SSS...


Aly from UK

Tuesday, 08-03-11 20:20

After four years of lessons with little improvement we bought the DVD before going this year. Our skiing has improved beyond all recognition & it is all down to this DVD. It has great camera work so you can see exactly the position you are supposed to be in & no "picture painting" just plain speaking easy to understand instruction. Many thanks Klaus, just cant wait to get back on the slopes again for more practice.


Przemek from Poland

Saturday, 26-02-11 20:19

I have received the DVD just a few days ago and I’ve already watched it loads of times. I can admit this is the best ski course I’ve ever looked at. In all aspects the footage is really impressive, exercises and the way how they are presented is just brilliant. At the moment I’m just looking forward to put the skis on again and start working on my skiing technique.
Klaus, congratulations on doing such a great job!!!


Spiros from Greece

Friday, 25-02-11 20:17

Hi Klaus,
I received your DVD a few days ago and I have already tried some of your drills. I am impressed seeing me improving my ski style!
Thanks a lot also for the exellent communication via email!
This DVD is super and highly recomended!!!
Thanks again,


Jaimie from pa,US

Wednesday, 16-02-11 20:12

What a great DVD! You really hit the concept from all angles which appeals to many different learning styles.You have been most helpful.Better than any lesson I ever took!Thanks! When is the website coming? Very much looking forward to that!


Philip Ternouth from Lancaster UK

Wednesday, 16-02-11 20:10

I started skiing again in 2001 after a break of 26 years and skied most winters for a week until winter 2008. Currently in Heavenly NV for a week. I bought the DVD a couple of weeks ago and the simplicity with which the key points are demonstrated and explained makes the instruction easy to understand and to copy. Saturday morning wasn't great but by Sunday I was skiing better than I ever have and my wife (a lifelong skier) has complemented me several times on "elegant carving", and how my skiing has come on leaps and bounds in just a few days and how I will tackle "steeps" that I woud have hesitated at before. Although she does get a little weary of the constant repitition of "face the danger" "up and forward" and "thank you, Klaus" after skiing any particularly That this has happened quickly is entriely down to the DVD. Thank you, Klaus.


Chas Roberts from United Kingdom

Tuesday, 15-02-11 20:06

Hi Klaus, just a quick word to say thanks for the terrific DVD. It certainly helped me ski better this year than I have for the last couple and I love the way it’s broken up into easy to remember segments.

I took to the slopes in Zauchensee this year and spent a couple of days thoroughly re-schooling myself in the fundamentals with excellent results on the blues, reds and blacks – and even the world cup run! Unfortunately I ran out of holiday before I could master uphill skiing but I’m hopeful for next time!

I’ve had a few lessons over the years but I honestly believe your DVD was far more use, especially as you can re-visit it as many times as you like. I hardly need say I’ll recommend it to anyone I come across looking for an good instructional DVD.

Thanks and good luck.


Rebekah from US

Monday, 14-02-11 20:04

Just a note to thank you for the great video! I reviewed it before hubby and I went skiing last week—yes, I saw a few of my bad habits! I spent a day doing the drills, and I can tell you this—what a difference they made! I think I was skiing the smoothest/best I have in a long time. The drills also provided a turning point for my husband (age 64 and only skiing for 2 years vs. my 40+ years), from being fearful to really break out of the comfortable wedge to a more parallel stance (on the easy hills). His speed increased and his confidence
I will not hesitate to recommend your DVD to other skiers!


I would very much appreciate it, if you would take the time to give me your feedback. It is always great to hear if the transfer from the sofa to the slope worked and where we could improve. Thank you!

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