Sofa Ski School provides instructional ski videos, online ski technique services as well as on snow ski coaching in Austria and New Zealand. The goal is to make quality ski instruction accessible to a bigger group of people and to inspire skiers of all levels to work on their turns to get the most out of this great sport.

The Sofa Ski School Approach puts a big emphasis on the ski fundamentals and a consistent teaching method that allows the transfer of basic skiing skills to more advanced areas. In over 10.000 hours of teaching skiing to recreational skiers and working as a technique coach for FIS ski racers, Klaus developed a teaching method which is based on the Austrian teaching system and proved to be highly successful.

The focus of the Sofa Ski School approach lies on the main mechanisms that make our skis turn. The goal is to provide skiers with a better understanding of these basic concepts and their relevance in more advanced to expert ski techniques and to show them the most effective lessons and drills for their personal ski improvement.

"The better you ski – The more fun you will have! Watch my videos, get your skiing analysed, take a lesson!”

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