The first step to ski improvement is to find out what you are NOT doing right. While there might be a number of things that could be improved in your skiing, a good coach will be able to identify exactly where you have your biggest handicap and what change will have the biggest effect on your skiing.

Often these things are not the most obvious ones. In a proper ski analysis we are looking for the root of a problem and don‘t just diagnose the symptoms. Once the cause is identified you can start to work on this area and a lot of other mistakes that resulted from this will be taken care of.

"A skier that is able to ski a blue run safely is usually doing 75 percent right. It is the 25 percent that he is not doing right that get him in trouble on the blacks and once identified and fixed will make a real difference in his skiing."

Send me your ski clips (no matter what quality: cell phone, photo camera, iPhone, camcorder,...) and you will get a full assessment of your strengths and weaknesses in a 5 or 15 minute video clip and a „How to Improve Plan“, which will be your personal training plan on how to improve your skiing.

In combination with the SSS Ski Instructionals you will have a unique, custom tailored package of individual analysis, training plan and lessons for your ski training.

With the purchase of a Ski Analysis product the copyrights for the ski clips that you send go to Sofa Ski School. The edited clips might be published in the Sofa Ski School Member area or elswhere. I would not use your name and you would get free access to all instructional videos where your clips would be used. If you would like to opt out from this or for further information please see the FAQs below.

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