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The Growth Mindset

and how it can help you ski better

Every year I congratulate the people that decide to join us for a Sofa Ski Camp on their decision. Not only because it keeps us busy but also because it shows that they have a certain mindset when it comes to their skiing that many others on the mountain don’t have. 


In contrast to most other skiers on the mountain they have decided to get coaching and to work on their skills. If you don’t know skiing then you might say “Well, that’s something that people do in all areas isn’t it?”. But then you don’t know how it is in skiing.


Skiing has some kind of macho problem and everybody seems to be expected to pretend that he is a much better skier than he actually is. “I can ski. Of course!” you hear people say as if the question about their skills itself was an insult. (This is probably worse in Austria than it is in New Zealand.)


You should see the surprise in some people’s faces when they find out that their friend who sits on the chairlift with me is actually taking a lesson. "Why do YOU take a lesson?"



In skiing it is obviously not common that people that can ski still take lessons and it seems that the one who does take a lesson by doing so admits that he is not a great skier. Where does this come from and why is it so different in skiing than in other sports like golf for example?


Most ski school managers I know complain that their business mainly consists of kids and adult beginner lessons, the ones that don’t complain don’t mind as they are busy anyway.


In our Sofa Ski Camps the situation is a very different one. [...]


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Sofa Ski Camps at Treble Cone:

Through the introduction of the Sofa Ski Camps to Treble Cone we managed to turn a failing ski improvement product into the biggest ski improvement programme for recreational skiers in the Southern Hemisphere. More than 60% of over 250 participants in 2019 will be returning customers. More than 50% area advanced skiers that ski the whole mountain and are all there because they like to work on their skiing, no matter how good they are. The average age is 52, one of our best customers is in his 80s and does three consecutive weeks every winter.


Sofa Ski Camps are currently offered in Austria, Japan and New Zealand for further info visit


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