Sofa Ski Camps - Japan

Coach: Hansjörg Rumpold   Location: Furano Hokkaido Japan   Price: $1500 AUD

5 Days (Sunday–Thursday), 5 hours coaching per day, 3–6 participants per day

The biggest ski improvement camp in the southern hemisphere is going to JAPOW!

Sofa Ski Camps Japan combine the benefits of skiing powder and boosting your ski performance. Japan is the place to be if you are after some really deep snow. It’s very likely that we will ski lots of it. The slopes are also amazing in Japan. When everything is tracked, we just go and do some work on the groomers. Continue your training from your Sofa Ski Camp in Japan, take your skiing to the next level and ski some great powder with us in Furano!


Sofa Ski Camps Japan Info sheet

DATES:  Camp 1: 2.2 - 6.2.2020, Camp 2: 9.2 - 13.2.2020, Camp 3: 16.2 - 20.2.2020, 

Camp 4: 23.2 - 27.2.2020, Camp 5: 1.3 - 5.3 2020

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CHARACTERISTICS of the camp are:

Professional Coaching made accessible to recreational skiers: We will work with great precision on helping you make some more fundamental changes in your skiing. As we will have five full days of focused training together, we will have plenty of time to learn, practice and play in the famous Japan powder.

- The use of modern training tools: Video Analysis, UClear helmet intercoms,…

- A clean documentation of the training to secure the things learned: Parts of the training and all video analysis done will be filmed. At the end of the camp you will get all of your ski clips, plus the training and analysis clips on a USB stick to review again at any time later. Your training will be documented on a live google doc which will become your training diary.

COACH: Hansjörg Rumpold, fully certified Austrian Skiing instructor and ski guide; 3 seasons Sofa Ski Camps NZ coach; CATSKI Guide Japan; 5 years head of ski school Hochrindl (Austria); 4 years ski shop manager Sydney; Over 20 years teaching experience; Founding member Snow51 China

Our GOAL for the Sofa Ski Camps Japan is to help you improve your skiing as much as possible, to help you build on what you have learnt in previous camps, see different ski resorts in Japan, ski lots of fresh snow, learn and experience the local culture, eat delicious Japanese food and to give you the tools to continue to work on your skiing after the camp. In a friendly and fun environment, we want you to have a great time skiing with friends for five days while learning a lot. 


We will start every day early to take advantage of the great early morning conditions and will ski around 5 hours each day.

We will ski a minimum of one other resort in addition to Furano. Depending on the conditions we will decide on a day to day basis where we will go.

On the traveling days we will aim to leave around 7:00 am at your accommodation. The drive to the different resorts will take us approximately one hour.

Breaks will be planned according to the situation. After our ski day we will try to go to a Japanese Onsen to relax our muscles.


We will aim for 5 participants per group. If we ski with 6 skiers in one group we will train for 6 hours. With small groups like this we will be able to keep a close eye on each participant all the time, while allowing you to step back if you need some uninterrupted time for yourself.

Participants for each week will be selected Hansjörg and Klaus. We will put together teams that are similar in ability and goals. As soon as we have enough participants of similar ability, we will send you an email and confirm your camp. Once this happens you can start to plan. For further information on the area, accommodation and travel please see the Furano Info Sheet.

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